Stay Motivated To Being Active Through The Holidays

Stay Motivated To Being Active Through The Holidays

As the holidays are creeping up on us rather fast, it’s easy to get so busy and forget to take care of yourself. Shopping malls, wrapping paper, cards, holiday parties and children’s concerts can slowly take over our lives.

Shortly after the holidays you realise that the New Year is ready to arrive yet you are not ready for it. New Year’s resolutions that you haven’t even thought of are making their way to the surface. Now’s the time to take care of yourself, not just January 1st.

Ways to Stay Motivated To Being Active Throughout The Holidays

Make a workout jar!

Grab a mason jar or old can. If you are crafty, decorate it and put it in a spot you’ll see EVERY DAY! For each workout you do put a $1 in the jar. At the end of the month use the money towards new clothing, sneakers or another item you want. It’s a fun way to reward yourself for all those workouts!

Find a buddy!

Committing to working out with a friend or group makes you more accountable and you’ll be more likely to stick to it. If you’re not feeling the workout for the day, tell your friend. You can always switch up a hard day’s work out for a walk on the trails. You’re still active and the fresh air can’t hurt!

Lunch breaks aren’t just for kids!

Take advantage of your lunch break and get outside for a walk. It doesn’t have to be long or on a trail. Sidewalks in your working community might be more ideal then finding a local trail or maybe you walk up ALL flights of stairs just once a day.


Food can be a good motivator (or not for some). If you can commit to working out 4-5 days a week then you should be able to enjoy a variety of foods at a party, out to dinner with a friend or just because you do deserve it.

Shopping, it has to be done!

Whether you are just buying for a few people or your whole family, shopping takes time. Some people chose to shop online and avoid the line ups and crazy parking lots. While others go straight to their favourite mall. Try to park your car further away from the store. YES, it means you are going to have to walk that much further WITH bags in your hands, but it’s a way of getting in a little more activity into your day.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that even 10 minutes of activity throughout the day is better no activity at all.

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