Car Seat Tips for Your Vehicle

Car Seat Tips for Your Vehicle

Your number one concern when putting your kids into your car is to make sure they are safe. However, it’s easy to get into a hurry and forget to pay attention to what you’re doing. If you have little ones and buckle them into car seats, check out these tips for your vehicle, in order to keep everyone safe.

Car Seat Tips for Your Vehicle

Remember No Coats

One major safety tip for your car seats is to make sure no winter coats are worn. You have probably been warned about this for years, but ignored it. Keep a warm blanket in your car for your kiddos to use when not wearing their jackets.

Rear Facing Kiddos

It’s been proven that it’s actually safer for kids to ride rear facing as long as possible. Some state laws even require that kids rear face up to two years old. Use your best judgement, but this is something to keep in mind in order to keep your kiddos safer even longer.

No Space In Between Straps

Always make sure your kiddos car seat straps are tightened as much as possible in your vehicle. Make sure they aren’t wearing anything bulky and the straps can tighten against their bodies. This may seem like torture to them, but in an accident, it can help keep them alive.

Proper Car Seat is Important

Now, this is probably the most important tip of all. Make sure your kiddo is in the proper car seat. There are new laws and regulations, so pay attention to these as much as possible. Although car seats can seem sort of pricey, remember that it’s worth it to ensure your kids are as safe as possible.

Check Safety Ratings for Car Seats

Before you put a car seat in your car, always check the safety ratings. It’s amazing how quickly a safety issue can be released for a car seat, even if it is brand new. Checking to make sure your car seat is still road worthy is super important.

Always Buckle Them Up

It is a proven fact that no one can prove when a car accident will happen, which is why it’s important to always buckle your child in. Some parents think “o well, we’re only going down the road, they’ll be fine.” Get that thought out of your head and buckle up your child, every time.

Remember that safety always comes first when it comes to your car. Buckling your child in correctly and ensuring they’re safe is always a number one priority.

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