How To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

How To Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

How to Keep Your Car Safe From Thieves

Is there anything worse than waking up and noticing your car has been broken into? While there may be worse things to happen to you in life, this incident always makes for a bad day. If you have anything good in your vehicle, most likely the thieves will take it. Here are some tips to keep your car from thieves. Protect your car, so they can’t get your valuable belongings.

Park in the Light

Thieves are less likely to steal something if the car is parked in the bright light. If you do not have a street light or a yard light, it’s best to invest in a sensor light. This is a light that clicks on as soon as something is detected. Although it’s not guaranteed to prevent a burglary in your car, it’s a great way to start preventing.

Always Lock Your Doors

This may seem pretty simple, but locking your car doors will prevent most thefts. You’re pretty much allowing a thief to break into your vehicle when you leave it unlocked. If you don’t have a key fob, it’s well worth looking into for your own sanity!

Always Bring Your Valuable Items Inside

When thieves are going from vehicle to vehicle, they’re looking to prey on vehicles that have valuables in them. Leaving a computer bag or a purse tells them that there may be something worth stealing in there. To keep things safe for you, always bring your items in. As soon as you leave your vehicle, bring your personal items inside, thieves don’t have a particular time of day that they prefer to steal things. It’s all about opportunity and when they can take something.

Don’t Advertise Your Belongings

If you can keep the items you have in your vehicle from speculation, you’re doing yourself a great favor. Cover up anything you are carrying to and from your vehicle. For example- if you have a new television, but can’t quite get it into your house yet, cover it up with a blanket or something. Don’t advertise what you have in your car by turning up your bass really loud or by carrying around your CD case. Yes, people still steal CDs from vehicles.

Keeping your car from thieves sometimes feels like a game of roulette. Do your part and hopefully the thieves will stay away and you can hold onto your personal belongings a little longer.

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