8 Ways To Upcycle Old Content

8 Ways To Upcycle Old Content

We all have old content on our blog, content that has almost been forgotten. It’s time to upcycle that content, shine it up and get people seeing what you shared a long time ago. You’ve gained readers as you’ve gone along, but they probably haven’t gone back and read everything you have ever written.

Let’s get to work on bringing that old content into light again. You can also check out how to boost traffic to older posts as well.

8 Ways to Upcycle Old Content

Add a pin worthy image.

Pinterest is all about vertical images, longer pictures show up better.

Update content with new information.

Have you tried something a different way and gained the same result, or a different result that you want to share?

Add clickable tweets.

There are a few different WordPress plugins to do this, Click to Tweet is one.

Use old content for a newsletter.

Feature a post in your newsletter. Or, if you share whole posts in your newsletter, re-share that way.

Update a post and write a follow-up post.

You may be able to turn one old post into a series, or at least something with a second part.

Add keywords.

If you’re blog as changed slight focus, you may have some more keywords to add.

Create new, SEO, catchy titles.

As SEO changes, as we gain experiences, we know how to better grab the attention of our readers.

Update pictures.

Make sure the formatting is correct. That there are no blurry pictures. This doesn’t mean having to redo everything just for pictures, you can also use stock photos.

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