New Year’s Eve Craft For Kids Paper Shaker


New Year’s Eve Craft For Kids Paper Shaker 

This is a great craft for kids of all ages to make and use!  My one year old grandson loves the sound the paper strands make when he shakes it!  I call it the “not so noisy noise maker”.  They kind of remind me of a firework!


Materials Needed:

2 Colors of Construction Paper

Wooden Dowel 

Glue & Tape


Craft Paint (optional) 


Cut a piece of construction paper in half, the long way.  On each half, cut strips about 1/2 to 1 inch wide. Do not cut all the way through the paper. Leave a 2 inch strip at the top so the cut pieces do not fall off. 

Use the wooden dowel or a pencil to wrap the paper strips up and around.  Remove the dowel and the strips will be curled!

Glue the top of the paper above the cut strips, wrap this tightly around the dowel. We used tape to reinforce it, but also wrapped a pipe cleaner I had on hand just in case.  While it is drying, cut another piece of construction paper the same way and wrap to create curls. This piece will be glued on top of the other to create the two colors. 



Paint the dowel if desired.  We thought it would be pretty to add glitter glue to the shaker, but did not want it all over the house for years to come.  

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