How To Throw A Moving Party

How To Throw A Moving Party

My sister and I like any excuse to party, and luckily our family is usually game.  When she moved this fall, it was the perfect opportunity to throw a Moving Party!  Here’s a sampling of what we did–maybe you’re own party will be inspired by ours!

How To Throw A Moving Party


I bought little brown boxes and a tiny porcelain tea set at the craft store.  I wrote the details of the party on a couple of pieces of tea set for each box, then wrapped them in itty bitty pieces of newspaper and put them in the box, padded with crinkled paper.  I tied the box with twine and wrote my sister’s new address on the side, along with “Fragile”, “Handle with Care”, and “This End Up.” 


We had a couple of people bring crockpot meals, but also had a giant cardboard box full of Pirate’s Booty–we had to insist that it was edible, it looked so much like packing peanuts!  We also found brown paper cupcake holders to put some muffins and brownies in. 


We had games, we had prizes!

Guests were divided up into teams, with each team responsible for unpacking a room throughout the day.  The little kids did the kid’s rooms.  At the end of the day, we voted on the best looking room. 

We also had scavenger hunts, where you looked for a list of random items as they were unpacked, and a moving day bingo, with words for the adults and pictures for the kids of common items that would be discovered throughout the day.  First one to find five in a row wins! 

Along the moving theme, we had a key rubbing activity for the kids when boredom struck.  Put a key under a paper and rub with the side of an unwrapped crayon to make some easy art. 

Guest Book

Instead of a guest book, I bought a canvas and drew a house on it, then drew a grid over that.  Each guest painted in a square during their downtime, resulting in a pretty cool painting now on display in my sister’s home. 

I’d call the party a success! 

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