Easy Popcorn Candy Necklace Edible Craft

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Easy Popcorn Candy Necklace Edible Craft 

Recommended for ages 3 and up (gummi bears could be a choking hazard)

A perfect treat to celebrate National Popcorn Day on January 19th!

Materials Needed: 

Wide eye safety needle

Spool of thread

Popped popcorn

1 Small bag gummi bears

Handful of cheerios 

Note* the amount of popcorn, gummi bears and cheerios needed will depend on how many kids will be making necklaces. For 2 necklaces we used less than 1 cup cheerios, half bag of gummies and a half bag of popcorn. 




Cut a piece of thread twice as long as you will need.  

Double up the thread and tie a knot at the end.  Tie the knot a few times to make sure it is bigger than the size of the needle.  

Thread the end opposite of the knot through the eye of the needle. 

String a few pieces of popcorn by inserting the needle into the middle and gently pulling it down the thread.

Next, string a few cheerios.  When adding the gummi bear, you may need to have your child wear a thimble or push the needle through on a hard surface. The gummi bears are a bit hard to push the safety needle through. 



Continue stringing popcorn, candy and cherrios until just about the end of the thread. Leave enough room to be able to tie a good knot. 

Tie the two ends together, grab a friend & a movie and enjoy your sweet and salty snack! 


popcorn necklace pin1


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