White Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels

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White Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels 

So easy the kids can make these white chocolate snowflake pretzels on their own!  Keep them busy during holiday break. 

What you need

12 oz bag of white chocolate chips

Small pretzel sticks (not rods)

Parchment Paper

1 tablespoon butter

Microwave safe dish


Zip top or pastry bag


Add the white chocolate chips to a microwave-safe dish. Heat on high for 1 minute. Mix well. Then continue to heat for an additional 20 seconds at a time until melted and smooth. 

Tip* Adding a mug of water to the microwave will create moisture inside while the chips are melting. This can help avoid the chocolate over cooking and “ceasing”. 

Spoon the chocolate into a zip top or pastry bag. 

Butter the parchment paper. I do this to make sure the chocolate doesn’t stick. Some brands of parchment paper are not as good as others. 

Snip a tiny piece of the corner off the bag.  Pipe a dab of chocolate onto the middle of each pretzel stick and place them on the paper.  This will help keep them from moving around. 

White Chocolate Snowflake Pretzels

Make an ” X ” across each pretzel stick to start creating the snowflake shape. 


Pipe a line of white chocolate down the middle, this will help hold the pretzel onto the chocolate.


Now have fun and design the snowflakes any way you want!  



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