It’s Ok To Blog For Free

It’s Ok to Blog for Free

It’s Ok to Blog for Free

I belong to a lot of blogging groups on Facebook. It’s a great form of support and a way to share opportunities.

However, one thing I hear about a lot is frustration regarding companies not paying bloggers for posting campaigns.
I totally agree. Our time is valuable, and this is our job.

Everyone has a right to earn a living.

We should be compensated for our work.

But, sometimes I am willing to work for free.

I feel like a lightning bolt will strike me down and I am cautiously looking over my shoulder. Here’s why.

My website, Valley Family Fun is small potatoes compared to so many people’s blogs.

I started it as a website with information, getting advertising income from local businesses. I added a blog section only two years ago and have applied for blogging opportunities to increase my income.

Because I am small with low numbers, I don’t get many blogging opportunities. When I do, I’m ecstatic!

However, there are plenty of times when I work for free because I know my family will enjoy it.

I have gotten lots of free toys for my sons and my nieces.


I’ve gotten cool products to try out that I know my family would enjoy!

I get free books to read.

Mostly though, I work with local businesses and I get a lot of tickets.
“We are coming to your museum on Friday. You give me free tickets and I will write about our experience!”

We get free tickets for something we were going to do anyway and they get publicity. It’s a win-win.

We’ve gotten tickets to local ballet performances, the International Tattoo in Halifax, museums, water parks, Monster Jam, family parties and so much more.

Our family is getting great experiences, and I write about it. To me, that’s worth it.

If I am approached to work for free, I evaluate it. Is this something that my family would enjoy? Is this of value to us? If so, then Yes! Sign me up!

If no, then I pass on the opportunity.

I think we need to reduce our guilt of working for free.

Besides, when I do apply for a great blogging gig, I have plenty of samples of my work and maybe, just one of these times, they will offer to pay me!

However, you need to do what is right for you, and what feels good for you! To me, it’s all about the value and that’s why I run Valley Family Fun!

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