Why It’s Important To Set New Year’s Goals!

Why It's Important To Set New Year's Goals!

Each year lots of people set New Year’s Resolutions. You have the typical weight loss, get more active or eat healthier foods. Each year we start off really great hitting the gym, meal planning our lunches and even our mid-day snacks. Slowly we fall off track and then just stop trying to keep up with our New Year’s Resolutions. And…it’s okay!

Why It’s Important To Set New Year’s Goals!

I try to set goals each year and to be honest, I start thinking about them in November. What DO I want to do in the upcoming year? What do I want to accomplish? I also take about a week into the New Year to confirm what I want to do before sharing them with others. Why? I don’t think I’m ready to commit on January 1st.

I also try to set realistic goals: simple yet focused. Goals that I am interested in for example I’m not going to start lifting weights because everyone else is doing the but I am going to keep running since it’s  a passion of mine.

I set family goals as well because I’m a Mom to two young children and wife. I want do experience things as a family and expose my children to new adventures. A few examples of those would be to go camping this summer, take our daughters skating on a lake once it’s safe and going on dates with my husband. I think it’s important to give specific times like camping in the summer because though I love winter camping, I just don’t think my daughters will want to sleep outside in the winter. It also gives me some time to plan ahead, book camping sites, find gear etc.

Monthly goals might be a good way to start off the year. Give yourself one goal to work towards each month. You can set them in advance or sit down at the beginning of the month and think about one thing you want to accomplish. I even put this in my calendar as a reminder because let’s be honest, sometimes as a Mom, I forget to do things unless I have a list.

So this year, don’t stress out about setting New Year’s resolutions, set goals. Little goals are just as important as big goals.

Have you thought of any goals for 2016?

What about family goals?

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