5 Ways To Keep Learning On Sick Days

5 Ways to Keep Learning on Sick Days

Has the cold or flu hit your house yet this winter? If it hasn’t, be glad!But, trust me, it’s coming. My entire family was down for two weeks last month and it. was. awful. Especially toward the end when the kids had gotten well but my husband and I were sick.

During that time, though, we discovered some ways to keep our kids learning, even when we’re all feeling under the weather. The next time your family deals with the flu, try these five ways to keep learning on sick days!

5 Ways to Keep Learning on Sick Days

Read books

If your kids are independent readers, go and grab a stack of their favorites from the library. If they don’t feel up to it or if they’re too young to read on their own, read some of your family’s favorites aloud. Bonus points if you do it while under a giant blanket.

Make a simple craft

Once the worst of the sickness has passed and your kids are moving around a bit, let them work off some energy by creating simple crafts. Try some of these simple winter crafts for inspiration!

Play educational board games

Board games are great for keeping kids entertained if they’re feeling on the sick side. The trick is finding games that are both fun and educational. Some of our affiliate favorites are Equate (math), Operation (fine motor skills), and UNO (counting and colors).

Browse educational websites.

There are literally a TON of educational websites for kids. A TON. Spend some time browsing high-quality sites like Starfall, PBSKids.org, and BrainPop.

Watch an educational movie or TV show.

And, of course, there’s always TV. Find a great documentary on Netflix and discuss it with your kids as you watch. Be sure to pick something they can actually learn from, though. Otherwise, it’s easy to spend the whole day watching SpongeBob.

How do you manage to keep your kids learning when everyone is sick? What resources have you found to be helpful? Feel free to share them in the comments!

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