6 Ways To Keep Kids Active Indoors

6 Ways To Keep Kids Active Indoors

Winter weather sometimes bring extreme cold temperatures and wind-chill warnings. You can’t always let your kids out to play in this type of weather. Your kids may be bouncing off the walls, driving you a little out of your mind. Little bodies have a lot of energy and need some way to burn it off, which leaves you to getting creative and creating a way to help them burn off energy, and have fun too.

6 Ways to Keep Kids Active Indoors


There are endless possibilities when you are looking for (active) classes to enroll your child in depending on where you live, cities having more options. There is gymnastics, taekwondo, dance, etc.


Many rinks offer free public skating days, or in some cases, certain hours every day. Small communities have free skating all day, every day.


There are some great videos out there for children’s yoga. Youtube is full of them, plus you can buy some. We actually have a children’s yoga game that keeps them active and gets them using their imagination.

Indoor Play Spaces

There are some community centers that have indoor play spaces, often free of cost. Museums/science centers also tend to have play centers, usually fitting the theme of the museum. Not only do you get a chance to learn something but your children also get a chance to burn off some energy too.


Turn the music up and dance around the living room, or the kitchen. Have some fun. Play freeze dance, make a game of it.

Be Creative

Create an obstacle course in your home. Go bowling with old pop bottles and a ball. Using masking tape to create hop-scotch courses, dinky car tracks. Play Simon Says. Throw some balloons round. Hide and seek.

Let your kids lead the way to getting their energy out. Set some limits, give them some direction. Maybe give them some tools (a roll of tape, a balls, etc.) and see what they can come up with. You may be surprised at just what they can do, and just how long they’ll spend creating something themselves.

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