40+ Blog Networks You Must Join

40+ Blog Networks You Must Join

If you have been blogging for any amount time, you have probably thought about monetizing it, earning just enough to cover the expenses of running your site even. Or maybe you have wondered how or where other bloggers are getting their opportunities from. This is where blog networks come in.

Once you have started to grow your readership, take a look at some the blog networks that are out there.

Some are for US based bloggers only, but many take Canadian based as well. Often a simple email asking about Canadian opportunities can land you at the top of their Canadian list if they don’t have a lot of Canadians signed up with them.

Some networks have a minimum number of pageviews that you must have before signing up, but don’t let that stop you as there are networks for smaller bloggers as well.

40+ Blog Networks

  1. SIXPushMedia
  2. BlogHer
  3. Global Influence
  4. Social Fabric
  5. SITS Girls
  6. Clever Girls Collective
  7. Influence Central
  8. Collectively
  9. Linqia
  10. Izea
  11. Markerly
  12. Shop At Home
  13. Latina Mom Bloggers
  14. The Motherhood
  15. Mami Innovative Media
  16. Be Blogalicious
  17. Pollinate
  18. One-2-One Network
  19. Double Duty Divas
  20. Social Moms
  21. Mom Bloggers Club
  22. Mom Select
  23. Niche Parent Network
  24. Mom Spark Media
  25. Stiletto Media
  26. Ella Media
  27. GigaSavvy
  28. Bookieboo
  29. Sverve
  30. BlogDash
  31. Social Insiders
  32. Green Moms Meet
  33. Mom It Forward
  34. Tap Influence
  35. Mom Dot Media
  36. Mom Impact
  37. Media.net
  38. Bookie Boo
  39. Fitfluential
  40. Mommerce
  41. Blog PR Wire
  42. Mommy PR

Remember: Just because your blog pageviews and location fit with a blog networks requirements, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that network is going to be a fit for your brand or niche or maybe they aren’t offering the compensation that you are looking to earn. Do your homework and read up on what types or sponsored opportunities they have been offering in the past.

The best type of networking you can do for your blog is to network with other bloggers as well.

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