How To Get Your Kids Into Gardening

How to Get Your Kids into Gardening

Springtime will be here soon and that means it’s time to start thinking about getting out in the garden again! But gardening is even better when our kids get involved! 

They can learn so much about nature, the environment, and the way things grow when they help to take care of plants themselves! If your kids are a bit nature-averse, though, you might have a hard time getting them out in the yard to “work”. But it’s still possible!

Here are a few tips to help you get your kids into gardening.

How to Get Your Kids into Gardening

Let them plant something edible

Growing something from a seed is so much more fun when you get to eat it! Let your kids pick out a favorite fruit or vegetable and learn to grow it. As the plant grows, help him or her decide on a recipe to use the produce in. It’ll make waiting for their garden to grow worth the effort!

Buy them their own gardening tools

It’s going to be tough for little kids to get interested in gardening if they’re forced to work with adult gardening tools. Adult tools are too big and too bulky for little hands. Instead, let your kids get their own rake, spade, hoe, wheelbarrow, and gloves! When your kids can work along with you, they’ll really feel part of the family garden.

Play as you work!

Anytime we want our kids to get into something new, the easiest draw is to make it as fun as possible. So, turn gardening time into playtime! Make up a few outdoor games you can play as you take care of your garden.

Who can pull the most weeds in five minutes? How many kinds of bugs can you spot? Make mud pies! Or try to make a fun garden craft, such as designing concrete planters with your kids. 

Do you garden with your kids? How do you get them involved? Share your tips in the comments!

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