Thumbprint Rainbow St.Patrick’s Day Craft

rainbow pin

This thumbprint rainbow craft is an absolute favorite of mine.  I will admit, I am a fan of rainbow colors anyway so that is probably why! To make this cute keepsake,  your child will create a rainbow from his/her thumbprints.  You can use any finger print you would like, but we used the thumb. A great St. Patrick’s Day craft.

Thumbprint Rainbow St. Patrick’s Day Craft

You will need: 

White, black & yellow construction paper

Craft paints in the colors of the rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green. Blue, Indigo and Violet)

A paper plate or paint palette




Squeeze a small amount of each color paint onto a paper plate or the spaces on your paint palette. 

have your child dip their thumb into the first color,  red,  and press it onto the paper. Make a row of red thumbprints and then do the same with the orange.  

Do you have a trick to remember the order of colors for the rainbow?  I was taught to use “ROY G BIV”.  Like a person’s name.  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.  I repeat this to myself every single time I have to make a rainbow in a craft, kind of like singing the alphabet song to remember which letter comes next! 

After your child has imprinted each color in the shape of a rainbow.  Cut a pot shape from the black construction paper.  Glue it at the base of the rainbow.  

Cut a bunch of circles from the yellow paper and glue them on top of the pot.  There is your gold! (I wish it was that easy to get some gold!)   

rainbow collage

Add some grass to the bottom of your beautiful creation if desired.

Hang it on the fridge and hope that sneaky little leprechaun does not show up to your house to steal it ! 

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