Will You Miss The Facebook Like Button When It Disappears?


Gone forever may be those awkward Facebook moments when your favorite shop announces it’s closing down or your friend says she’s missing work because of a stomach virus and you’re left wondering if you should click the “like” button or not. It’s an easy and accepted way to show support, but really, who actually LIKES store closings and sickness?

Turns out, Facebook has mulled over this dilemma for a long time, too. And thanks to a push from Chris Cox, Chief Products Officer, the Like Button will soon be slipping out the back door.

What will take its place? A new range of “emoji” buttons have been proposed including anger, sadness, love, wow and laughter. Your new arsenal of emotions will be collectively called Reactions.

The new change raises some questions.

How easy will Facebook users adapt to and accept the change? Choosing from several different emotions, rather than just the one iconic “like” may be.

Will a wider range of emotions lessen the impact of posts? It’s impressive to have a successful post with 1,000 likes. After the changes, that same post may have 300 loves, 400 wows and 300 ha ha’s. Is it going to pack the same punch as before?

What about the thumbs up? The Facebook “thumbs up” has become about as American as apple pie. That humble little thumb gets clicked over 6 million times per day. I wonder if the new “love” or “wow” emoji’s will incorporate the iconic thumb somehow.

What will the advantages be? When the Like Button was introduced, a lot of people wondered if that was going to cut down on comments and interaction. It’s so easy to click “like” on the newborn baby picture instead of writing “Congratulations, we love her name!” It could be argued that the worriers were right, but the new range of Reactions to choose from may, at least, offer more depth of feeling for those who are in a hurry but want to do a little bit more than just jerking their thumb in the air.

What do you think about the Facebook Like Button being phased out? How will it impact your business, blog or personal pages?



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