10 Blog Writing Prompts: Home Blogs

Is the theme of your blog home life, home decorating or home building? Everyone runs into a dry patch now and then, but if you want traffic, you have to generate content; here are a few blog writing prompts to help inspire your next post. Start writing and see what happens!

Furniture layouts

Do you like to change your rooms around regularly or do you feel more comfortable when they stay the same? Write about your feelings.

What do you consider when arranging furniture? Traffic flow, aesthetics, hiding a scuff on the floor? Share your unique perspective.

Home Buying

Have you ever bought a fixer upper? Was it worth the time and effort? Did you end up getting a good deal or spending more when all was said and done? Was all ever said and done?


Have you never moved in 30 years? Moved eight times in 5 years? Experienced your parents moving away from your childhood home? Had to help your own children cope with a move? There’s lots to write about the emotions of moving!

Do you have a moving checklist you could share? Do you pack the cupboards first so it still feels like home, or pack the decor first because it feels more like you’re making progress? Do you have a box labeling/stacking/shipping strategy?


Do you have a cleaning schedule or checklist? Do you feel that most cleaning is just busywork? Do you love it when guests come over because it motivates you to get the house spotless? Do you know how to clean counter stains or mildewed bathrooms? Share your special skills and philosophies!

Storage and Organizing

How do you keep your kids books from falling all over the place and getting banged up? Where do you keep outgoing items like gifts and hand-me-downs until they go? Do you have a clever solution for hanging clothes that are not dirty enough for the laundry but not fresh enough for the closet? Write it, because I’ve been looking for it on Pinterest without much luck!

Do you use a self-storage unit? How do you weigh the cost of storing things vs. the cost of just buying new when you’re ready to use it? Do you only store things with sentimental value?

Coming up with new things to write about isn’t easy; I hope you’ve found some useful ideas here! Feel free to share any prompts of your own in the comments!

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