Must Have Items For Your New Puppy

Must Have Items For Your New Puppy

Spring is quickly arriving and with Spring comes new furry family members.  If you’re looking to add a new puppy to your family you can be sure there are lots of items out there in the stores to satisfy every need your puppy has, and a whole lot more.  But does your puppy really need all that stuff that the store owners are trying to sell you?  Here you’ll find a list of the top items you should invest in for your new little buddy to keep them happy, your sanity in check, and your shoes in one piece as well!

We just got our new puppy in December and she has kept us on our toes the entire time, but with all the right equipment it has actually been really smooth adventure and she has brought nothing but joy into our lives.  Many families find themselves overwhelmed by the jumping, chewing, and barking which turns into many puppies/dogs being re-homed.  With the right items to keep your dog healthy and happy you will also be happy right there with them.

Must Have Items For Your New Puppy



Whether you plan on kennel training your puppy for night time or having them sleep in your bed with you a kennel is a must have for a new puppy.  Be sure to get one that will fit your puppy once it reaches their full size.  Until they fill it you can always put a divider in it to make it nice and snug for puppy.  Training them from day one to sleep in the kennel will keep your home in one piece while you sleep and while you head out to go shopping.  

Warm Blanket

Just like humans, our doggy friends love to be snug and warm at night and feel safe where they are sleeping.  Being in a new space can be very scary for them and a comfortable blanket offers the safety and comfort they are looking for.  Have one in the kennel for night time cuddles.  Their smell will then transfer to the blanket and will become a comfort blanket for trips to the vet or any other outing.


Dog Bed 

Just like in the wild dogs love areas where they feel safe and, if possible, enclosed.  You can find dog dens made from fabric, yarn, or even wool.  Dog dens look exactly like pet beds but have a canopy covering over half of the bed.  These work great to make puppy feel safe while they are transitioning to their new home and it also gives them a place to call their own when they want to take a nap.  Beds also work great for training puppy by teaching them the command “go to bed” when they aren’t behaving for a time out. 


Tooth Brush 

Just like us our little furry friends can suffer from cavities, gingivitis and plaque as well.  Start them off with the toothbrush as soon as you get them so they get use to it from day one.  This will make it much easier to get them comfortable with the idea of you brushing their teeth before they get bigger and have more energy/strength to run away.  You can find the doggy toothbrushes and toothpaste at most pet stores. 

Dog Treats

Treats are a great way to train your puppy.  They don’t need much to be enticed to learn new tricks.  We love Zuke’s Mini Naturals dog treats, not just because they are healthy for our little Skyli, but because they are soft treats that allow us to break them into even smaller pieces making them last longer and keeping her weight at a healthy place while still training her through out the whole day. 

Collar/Harness and Leash

This sounds like a given but it’s amazing how many people don’t purchase these for their dogs.  You don’t need a fancy, expensive set.  Just a short 4 ft leash will do to start off with.  You want to train them from an early age to walk on the leash, especially if you plan on taking them out for long walks in the future after they receive all their inoculations.   Their collar should fit well.  Remember, you don’t want your puppy to pull back and pop out of the collar, but you also don’t want it to be to tight.   If your puppy doesn’t mind the harness this is a great alternative to walk them on outside.  Rather than you leading them from the neck, which can be a nuisance to any dog, the leash attaches to the harness on their back reducing discomfort.   Please note you will still want to get a collar for your little friend to attach their identification tags onto. 


Chew Toys

This is a must!  Puppies love to chew.  Chew shoes, chew socks, chew your kids toys…chew pretty much anything.  If you offer your new dog alternatives to your own personal items you won’t have to come home to a ripped pillow or mauled slipper.  Of course this won’t completely stop them, but it will sure help!  If you find them chewing on any of your items just take it away and firmly tell them “No!”, replacing it with a chew toy.  They will quickly catch on.  Be sure you’re purchasing toys suitable for your puppies size! 

Must Have Items For Your New Puppy

Puppy Pads 

Although I’m not one for long term use of puppy pads, they can come in very handy for the first few weeks after you bring your little dog home, especially if you aren’t able to be home with them all day.  Lay a few out in their designated area where they can easily access them.  Remember, don’t scold puppy using physical harm.  They just don’t understand that.  Instead you want to catch them in the act and use a firm “No!”, then take them to their pee pad.  If you’re able to be home with them all day then after you catch them and tell them no, be sure to take them outside to the area you want them to start using.  Most puppies don’t have control of their bladder/bowel movements until 6 months of age, though some say not until a year.  These pee pads can be your best friend to keep your carpets clean from stains while they learn to go outside. 

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