Tips On Bundling Up To Stay Warm Outside

Tips On Bundling Up To Stay Warm Outside

When we think of winter, we often think of the cold temperatures and snow storms! Being outside in the winter isn’t always fun for everyone so we tend to hibernate for a few months. After winter is over and the temps warm up you see people getting outside more and enjoying the nice weather. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Tips On Bundling Up To Stay Warm Outside

Dressing appropriately is key to having a good time outside. When you are cold and trying to play, usually the play time doesn’t last that long. We often bundle our kids up and send them outside to play, after all we have lots of things we need to do inside the house. Hopefully these tips will get you outside WITH your children….even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes.


You want to make sure you have a good pair of socks on; women, panty hose won’t keep your feet warm very long. So make sure you have a good pair of socks on, preferable non-cotton socks. Let’s be honest, cotton isn’t great when it gets wet because it stays wet. Wool or knitted socks are better than cotton.

Lower Body:

You want to make sure that you dress for how cold it is outside. The colder it is the more layers you want to put on. You could have a thin base layer (leggings) and then something over top such as fleece pants. Then you’d want to have some form of snow pants on. YES!!! Adults need them too because once you sit in the snow you’ll get cold and wet. Again, play around with the layers as you may only need a good base layer of long underwear and snow pants.

Upper Body:

Once again, you want to layer your clothing. Long sleeve base layer (not cotton) but something that might wick away the sweat. I like to wear a vest to keep my core warm rather than a sweater but you’ll want a layer between your base layer (long underwear) and your jacket. A good winter jacket is important as well.

Gloves or mitts are also key for being outside. You want a good pair of gloves or mitts that will keep you warm and dry. Small finger gloves (the stretchy kind) will get wet right away. The last thing you want are cold hands. 


Yes, you need something on your head. You lose most of your body heat from your head and your ears! Oh your poor ears need to be protected too. A good warm winter hat will do, one that covers your ears. Some people enjoy wearing scarfs around their necks or neck warmers. If the wind is whipping around, it’s nice to have some protection on your face. You may also want a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes as the sun can make the snow extremely bright. 

If you don’t have any of these items, I suggest going to a second-hand shop to see what you can find. If you are committed to being outside more then maybe you’d want to invest in some newer items that you can find.

Last but not least….a smile! Yes, get outside and smile. You will have so much fun if you smile :) 

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