Join Me At The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference!

Join Me At The Canadian Internet Marketing Conference!

A few years ago when I took this whole blogging journey, I would never have expected to be considered a leader in the digital marketing industry. However, with a huge amount of work and an amazing business partner and team of contributors, things have really taken off. Not only do I want to be a leader in the digital marketing industry, I want to be the very best. When it comes to my blog and those I work with, I think it’s important to strive to continue to grow.

I will be attending a conference as an ambassador and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. First of all, it’s very exciting, very rarely do I get this excited about an event. I know there are tons of conferences in Canada, but this is the must attend of the year, especially if you’re looking at becoming a leader in this industry.

The second annual CIMC conference, will be held on April 15 and 16th 2016. This specific conference has been noted as being the top event in BC for digital marketing. I don’t want to miss it and neither do you. CIMC2016 will be hosted by Marwick Internet Marketing and Jelly Digital Marketing at the West Coast  Railway Heritage Park in Squamish. This is such a great place for an event like this!

Be sure to visit me at TOTS Family after the conference to see all the fun places we visited thanks to Tourism Squamish. Now back to the conference!

Check out the speakers that will be featured!

 Fab Dolan, head of marketing of Google Canada

 Angela Saclamacis, Public relations and broadcast programming for DisneyParks Canada

 Andrea Stairs, Managing director of eBay Canada

 Jennifer Knox, PR and communications manager for Etsy Canada

 Mikey Scott, global marketing director of Herschel Supply Co.

I’m also loving the topics that are going to be covered. These topics include Next Practices vs. Best Practices, What’s on the horizon for internet marketing, and successful case studies. You can see the entire schedule of CIMC2016 Events right here. I’d love for you to join me at this awesome conference!

Get An Awesome Discount

When you sign up for CIMC2016, be sure to use my code. My readers get their very own special discount! Just enter TOTS30 at checkout to receive 30% off your ticket. Be sure to sign up fast, last I checked, it was around 85% sold out!

If you want to try your luck, enter to win one of two tickets here!


Leave me a comment if you are going and hopefully we can connect during one of the networking sessions. 

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