How To Drive Distraction Free

How to Drive Distraction Free

Drivers are so easily distracted. If it’s not something in their own vehicle distracting them, it is something on the side of the road. Drivers should always be vigilant about driving distraction free because it not only keeps them safe but also everyone else on the road. In a time period where everyone is easily distracted, you can drive distraction free.

How to Drive Distraction Free

Keep the anxiety at bay

If you are easily distracted due to anxiety, you will want to get that under control before you get behind the wheel. Anxiety can be lessened by dealing with the problem before heading out on the road. Also, anxiety can be dealt with by getting your mind to focus on another area of life. If you’re stressed about your kids, think of how much joy they bring you. Anxiety is common, but you don’t have to let it distract you as you drive.

Set your radio ahead of time

A big distracter of those who drive on the road is the radio in their vehicle. Make sure your radio is set ahead of time. If there is a certain channel you love, make sure you already have it set ahead of time, before you set out to drive.

Keep your eyes on the road

This may sound like common sense, but not everyone sees it that way. Keeping your eyes on the road is the #1 way to drive distraction free. In your mind, make it a point that you aren’t going to be distracted by what’s going on around you. This is a mind over matter situation and you can overcome it.

Put the phone in your glove box

Phones are an important part of humanity, but not the most important. They are a great tool when used correctly. However, when you’re driving, they can become a huge distraction.
Pull over if you need to: Although it may be a huge annoyance to pull over when you need to, it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and everyone around you. Pulling over allows you to focus on the task at hand, without trying to do tasks while driving.

Driving distraction free is more important than you might think. Your safety is always more important than anything else. When driving, keep all of these tips in mind. Put the phone away, keep your eyes on the road, and pull over if you need to. This is not just essential at night or when visibility is limited. Be sure to drive distraction free at all times. 

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