10 Unique Jobs For Teenagers

10 Unique Jobs For Teenagers

There are lot more jobs out there for teens besides cutting grass and babysitting. This post will help you and your enterprising young adult think outside the box when it comes to making money.

10 Unique Jobs For Teenagers

Gopher/Personal Assistant

Run errands for extra money. Potential clients include homebound adults, local businesses and government officials. Your child may or may not need a drivers license for this job.


Teens can type copy for websites, local businesses and professionals. Check with the school, too. 

Computer Assistance

Most young adults are very tech savvy, and they can actually make money by helping people who aren’t. Help someone set up an Ebay or Etsy store, get a new laptop up and running, or create and manage a blog. 


If your teen has a skill or knowledge set, he can pass it on for profit. Tutoring doesn’t require a degree or years of teaching experience, and it’s always very much in demand. The best way to get started is to brainstorm with your teen. What are his strengths and gifts? What grade levels would he feel comfortable mentoring? Think past academics, too. Knowledgeable teens can teach others how to play tennis, dance, sketch and play the bass guitar. The sky’s the limit!

Yard Worker

Most yards need some type of maintenance the whole year through, and with many adults working full time, the jobs just don’t get done. Possible work includes raking, mowing, mulching, pruning, gutter cleaning and snow shoveling.


Home baked goods can be sold through many different venues. Your teen can bake cakes and sweets for parties and showers. Or sell and deliver muffins to local offices. Prepare casseroles and freezer meals and advertise on social media; busy families will eat them up!


See if your teen is interested in a paid political internship. Local campaigns are often looking for part-time helpers to man their phone lines, deliver flyers or do odd jobs at official events.


Does your teen love to take pictures? Photography offers lots of income opportunities like portraits, family photos, newspaper content, and web content for local businesses. 


Entering giveaways and contests can be lucrative, if your teen is dedicated and plays the odds right. Contests cater to talented writers, photographers, musicians, artists and more. Giveaways are totally free and always worth a shot entering if your teen has extra time, especially on social media. Prizes include everything from cash to merchandise to gift cards.


Freelancing is a great way for an aspiring writer to get started. And there are ALL types of work out there, whether your teen is a poet or a pragmatist. Some ideas: guest post for a blog, write product descriptions or submit short stories and poems. Here is a list of blogs that pay up to $100 (or more) for quality posts.

Do you have some ideas for jobs that would appeal to teenagers?

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