5 Ways To Get Traffic From Google

5 Ways To Get Traffic From Google

As bloggers we are always trying to stay one step ahead, trying to keep up with the algorithms of the different social media platforms. But we can’t forget one of the most important, in my opinion, Google search is one of the most important. You want people to find you when searching for the answer to their questions.

5 Ways to Get More Traffic from Google

Publish Only Unique and Valuable Content

Google is looking at the content on your website. Make sure everything is relevant and unique. You want your content to be easy to read, and not stuffed with keywords, nor fluff words. You want to make sure that the information you are sharing is information that you believe in.

Quality Over Quantity

Publishing regularly on your website, this doesn’t mean every day, but sticking to a schedule that works for you and you can keep up with. It could be twice a week or twice a month. It is better to write quality content rather than the quantity of the posts you have.

Use Alt tags on All Your Pictures

Google recognizes the content of the pictures you are sharing on your blog. Use the alt tag of your picture to describe the picture with a short sentence, using your keyword there too. This will be helpful in generating some traffic from Google Image.

Have A Responsive Theme

A lot of traffic is coming from phones and tablets, you need to have a responsive and mobile-ready theme. You will rank higher than non-responsive websites. Think of your readers too, most are going to click away from non-mobile friendly sites quickly.

Use H1 Tags Correctly

The H1 tag is for your post title only. Use H2 for your subtitles. Make sure you use keywords in your subtitle. Also, use H3-H6 in your posts, instead of numbered or bullet posts use these, similar to the layout of this post.


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