10+ Blog Writing Prompts: Parenting Blog

10+ Blog Writing Prompts: Parenting Blog

Everyone’s parenting experience is unique. The great thing about that is that no one’s story is quite the same as someone else’s and there is always something new to learn or consider. If you run a parenting blog and find yourself with a case of writer’s block, here are a few prompts to help get your fingers typing:

10+ Blog Writing Prompts: Parenting Blog


Skip the breast vs. bottle argument and instead, make a recommended reading list for feeding times. What are your favorite toddler finger foods or quick preschooler lunches? Share a shopping list for snacks to have on hand when your teenager’s friends drop by–extra credit for humor–or the recipes you always make when your college student is on break.


What to do about the child who doesn’t? After millenia of human existence, we’re still trying to figure that out. How to deal with nightmares? Do you indulge the “thirst that strikes at bedtime” as we call it in our house? Do you have an innovative twist on bedtime routines or bedtime stories? Do you make up your own? Do you use silly voices? One of my favorite memories as a little girl was my big brother reading us the Berenstain Bears, only changing “bear” to “skunk” every time. Of course, it was too hilarious to make us sleepy, but something like that makes a good story! If your a parent of older children, maybe the question is how does a parent get enough sleep when they have to sit up waiting for a teenager to get home?

Potty Training

Again, all these generations of parenting and still no easy answers. Maybe your child did potty train easily. How did you do it?! Or maybe your child just barely fully trained before they were five. Did you wrestle with embarrassment?


How did you prepare your child for the first day of school? How did you prepare yourself? Do you have an special first day of school rituals? How about a top ten list of subjects that aren’t taught in school but should be (whether serious or funny, though personally, I prefer to laugh.) How about getting ready for the last day of school or the send-off to college? Or reacting to child’s preference not to go to college?

Making Friends

How do you help your child make friends? How do you help your child lose friends? Have you made friends with a fellow parent in an unusual place–the checkout line, the recycling center as you both snuck out some unsightly hunk of plastic?


Do your kids get along? What do you do about bickering? How does your own experience with or without siblings effect how you raise your children? Are your siblings close with your children?

Making Time for Family

How do you make time for family? What are your favorite activities? Do you spend one-on-one time with each child, and how do you make that happen? Do you run a business while running a family?


If there’s nothing more irritating than a judgmental parenting blog, there’s nothing more enjoyable and reassuring than another parent who can admit to making mistakes, especially if in the end it was all ok. Don’t be afraid to ‘fess up!

If you use one of these prompts, make sure to tell us about it!

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