5 Summer Olympic Sports That Kids Love to Watch

5 Summer Olympic Sports That Kids Love to Watch

The Summer Olympics only come every 4 years, so it’s something your family can look forward to and enjoy watching together. Certain events seem to appeal more to children than others. Here are some of our favorites! 

5 Summer Olympic Sports That Kids Love to Watch

Track and Field

Foot races were one of the original Olympic events, dating all the way back to the Greek times. To this day, they remain one of the most exciting and iconic of the Olympic games. Events like the 200 and 400-meter dash, and the hurdles, can easily hold the attention of little ones who may find it hard to sit still.



Speaking of races, when you add a big pool of cool, blue water to the mix, you’ve got even more fun! Splashing water, screaming fans and loud whistles – what could be more exciting? We love watching the athletes glide through the water like dolphins and doing that little “flip” when they reach the end of a lap.



Children love to jump, run, climb and flip, so gymnastics is always a big draw. Plus, many of the contestants are younger and this helps children who are watching to really connect on a deeper level. As a young girl, I remember the exhilaration I felt as Mary Lou Retten stepped onto the platform to claim the first women’s gold. Days later, my friends and tried our best to replay the games in our back yard; I had to be Julianne McNamara because of my blonde hair and ponytail, but it was still loads of fun! Gymnastics is also an interesting event for children to watch because they see the strengths that each player offers, and the unique way that each nation competes.


Platform Diving

Our children are enthralled with the idea that making the smallest splash possible was a good thing. What a concept!



At first, I thought, the long bike rides would bore our children. But instead, they enjoyed watching the landscapes and cityscapes that cyclists ride through. They also had fun picking out one contestant and following him throughout the race.


Which Olympic events do you and your family like watching best and why?

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