Getting Your Kids Outside

Getting Your Kids Outside

Parents love getting their children outside to run around, burn off some of the energy that they always seem to have. As parents we know that it is great to get out, get fresh air, be active, etc. But sometimes getting your kids outside can be challenge with video games, computers, and television. 

Getting Your Kids Outside

Have something to do outside. This the biggest more important thing for getting your kids to spend any amount of time outside. They need to be doing. What does this look like? It really can be anything.


Whether it is helping you in the family vegetable garden, or with flower gardens. Letting them have their own section to take care of is a big incentive, as are some of these other ways to get your kids into gardening.


Turn a normal everyday lunch into a picnic simply by taking it outside. Spread a blanket out and enjoy some sandwiches and fruit. Don’t eat and run back in, stay out and play some games.

Olympic Games

Summer Olympics are this year, so maybe make some games up and have your own family Olympic games in your backyard. Invite some of your kids friends over to join the fun.

Take It Outside

Just because you typically play board games in the house doesn’t mean that you have to. Just beware and remember that wind and cards don’t necessarily mix, unless you want to teach your kids to play 52 Pick Up.

Outside Toys

The dollar store is my go to place to get all our outside toys. Hula hoops, jump ropes, plastic horse shoe sets, etc. If you have enough of a “collection” rotate them like you would inside toys. Make one day all about jumping toys, the next all about playing with balls of different sizes. 

Remember to make the most out of being outside with your kids no matter the time of the year. All you need is some imagination, and maybe Pinterest for a great summer spent outside.

How do you get your kids outside in the warm weather?

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