Scheduling Social Media

Scheduling Social Media

Scheduling your social media doesn’t have to be hard work, it doesn’t have to take forever to get it done. While not everyone can afford to hire a virtual assistant, everyone can use the right tools, at the right prices, to get the job done.

Scheduling Social Media


Facebook prefers that you use their scheduler instead of out sourcing. Out sourcing can lead to lower views on your posts, and with it already being hard to get those views let’s not make it harder than it has to be. We have a post on scheduling your Facebook posts, it has changed a little since that post written but it’s still just as easy and you’ll easily get the hang of it.

Check out your insights to see when you have the most views on your posts and schedule the bulk of them during these high times. Scheduling Facebook this way does take long than the other social media platforms.


There are lots of other programs you can use for scheduling for tweets. Some are completely free, some have limits or trials. This isn’t a complete list either.

Tweetdeck. Buffer. Hootsuite. CoSchedule.

I have used the first three. I still use Tweetdeck when using affiliate links because it isn’t going to change my link. Buffer limits you to 10 scheduled shares at a time so I moved on to Hootsuite. It is free, and I have no limit on my scheduled shares. With the Chrome extension you can schedule a share with the click of one button. This post can help you set up your Hootesuite in no time.


There are a number of programs for scheduling Pinterest too. Same applies as with Twitter. I use Boardbooster, but feel free to check these other ones out to find one that works best for you.

Boardbooster. CoSchedule. Viralwind. ViralTag. Too many to list.

Find one that will recognize your best pinning times, best performing pins and boards.

Google +

I forget about Google + a lot of the time so I only post there when I publish a new blog post. I have JetPack for WordPress set up to automatically share my new post to Google +, as well as to Twitter.

This post can help you set your Google +.

Remember to stay social on your social media accounts. Interactions, especially on Facebook and Twitter, is what is going draw your readers and fans in and keep them.

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