How to Connect With Experts To Boost Your Blog

Are you looking for ways to expand your blogging brand? You may have tons of ideas for new blog posts, yet you still struggle with adding a fresh spin to your content. How can you offer a diverse set of perspectives to your audience, and maintain your position of authority?

One way to do this is to connect with other experts in your blogging niche. Some people get so scared of sharing the spotlight that they insulate themselves from greatness. Are you hindering your own growth? You may feel like sharing the stage with a competitor makes you look weak, like you’re not the only person who knows everything about the niche topic.

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, sharing the spotlight has the opposite effect.

How to connect with experts to boost your blog

When you bring in experts to boost your authority in your niche, you won’t lose customers, you will gain them – because it’s establishing you as a viable force in your niche – someone who is rubbing elbows with other experts.

It also shows you’re expanding your knowledge of your particular topic. But more than anything, bringing in experts from other similar niches can bring in future sales.

Think of it as introducing yourself and your product to a whole different audience and bringing them into the fold. Because that other expert’s audience will be looking at your shared content, too, and that will be their first discovery of you.

There are ways to make yourself attractive to other experts and get them to want to work with you.

How to Connect With Experts to Boost Your Blog

1. Offer gifts. It may sound like bribery, but other bloggers are always looking for informative and valuable gifts in the form of free bonuses, free advertisement of their product, mentions on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and interviews or podcasts to promote their sites.

2. Establish your profile on social media sites and forums. Set up pages and profiles and then post content that is not only useful for your audience, but can be useful to other bloggers in similar niches.

3. Arrange online interviews. Nothing attracts an online audience like online interviews with bloggers well established in the business. You both profit from the interview process because you’re reaching people you might not hear from otherwise. These interviews could be in the form of written blog posts, Google Plus Hangouts, even podcasts.

4. Make sure you have fresh, sharable content. No one wants to partner with a dull and boring blogger whose content is out of date or poorly written. Make sure your content is informative and up to date so that others will want to share. Are there trends in your industry?

5. Offer to review their products. Bloggers welcome reviews of their products and will often happily review yours in return. Only post a review of the product if you truly believe in it and like it. Otherwise, choose another product or blogger.

6. Follow and engage other experts. Make sure you follow other bloggers who offer products similar to yours on all social media sites. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the payoff will be that these other bloggers will get to know you – especially if you engage in comments and conversations on their sites.

The payoff for fielding experts in your niche can be huge. Besides boosting your authority in a particular niche, you’ll also be reaching audiences you may never have reached without the added expertise.

In the beginning, it may be intimidating to approach another (especially well established) blogger, but as you begin to establish your own presence, you’ll find that you’re also being sought out. Make the most of every opportunity to expand your audience and build your brand!


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