Summer Fun Activities For Kids

Summer Fun Activities For Kids

The summer moments are going, and anyone with kids knows that summer can be a challenging time for parenting and entertaining our own children all day, every day. Providing even a small idea for them to run with can make all the difference in your day. Here are some fun ideas to hopefully get you through summer vacation. We’ll be crossing these summer fun activities for kids off our summer vacation list as we go along too.

Summer Fun Activities For Kids

Summer Olympics

Have your own summer Olympics with, or without, friends in the neighborhood. Create your version of some of the sports that are happening this summer. Creating the events alone can be fun to do.

Lemonade Stand

Have a lemonade stand, or something similar – great way to also get some extra money for something they may want to buy or to donate to a charity of their choice.

Idea Jar

A boredom jar – don’t hear “I’m bored” or at least have a response ready. Have a bunch a of simple ideas to pick from. Ideas such as: go on a picnic, go on a hike, take pictures, make a bird feeder, etc.

Summer Adventures journal

If you happen to do a bucket list this summer, this would be the perfect place to keep it. They can then can then save more about what they have done. A perfect keepsake to look back on one day.


This is my children’s favorite thing right now. Gardening not only gives them a task to do each day, but also a great treat if you opt for a vegetable or fruit garden.

Summer Reading List

Encourage your children to keep reading this summer with some special books. It could be a series they have been interested in or single books. Try to choose didn’t types of books, funny, silly, educational, etc. A weekly trip to the library can add this, and keep costs down.

At Home Camp

Summer camps can be expensive, and not readily available everywhere. Try this instead: Create camps to do at home with your kids – science, cooking, reading, etc. Keep them simple, a theme a day or a week at a time. You can also include a friend or two to add to the fun.

How are you going to make this summer fun?

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