How To Have A Pokemon Go App Family Adventure

The craze of the new Pokemon Go App is sweeping the world as Pokemon fans of all ages try to race around their homes, neighborhoods, and local attractions to pick up free items, and catch cool and unique Pokemon for their collection! Are you one of those families that love games, apps, outdoor activities and everything in between, but want to incorporate a family approach to all you do? Here are some super tips to orchestrating a fun, indoor/outdoor adventure that the whole family will love by using the new Pokemon Go App!
How To Have A Pokemon Go App Family Adventure

How To Have A Pokemon Go App Family Adventure

It’s time to GO, Pokemon trainers! Parents can be the adventure planners and leaders by either serving as drivers, navigators, or playing right along on their own phones or iPads! Your child can use their compatible device or borrow mom or dad’s (I recommend having a drop resistant phone cover or iPad/tablet cover on your device). Bring along a backpack with waters for staying hydrated while on your excursions searching for Pokemon! These adventures become extremely entertaining and addicting and before you know it you’ve walked or biked for miles!

What Is The Pokemon GO App?

The Google Maps GPS system has been integrated with the Pokemon Go App. Within the game itself is a helpful map that guides you while you are on your adventures. As you venture from one location to another whether by walking, bike riding, or driving in your car to different stopping points, you can utilize this map to keep you on track towards Poke Stops holding rare items, extra pokeballs, revives, potions, and even a Pokemon egg! The app has already chosen local “Poke Stops” or “Gyms” that you can visit such as monuments, statues, and in many cases – non-profit establishments such as recycling centers, church buildings, second-hand stores, or drop off centers for collecting donations.
It is recommended to plan out your family adventure using your local map and coordinate your stops based around destinations such as these plus any local attractions or large facilities like theme parks or college campuses (both of which hold usually four to ten different Poke Stops and sometimes even two Gyms). By keeping your adventures close to these locations, you will have a better chance at catching more wild pokemon too as they are normally all around these hot spots on the Pokemon map.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All – Pokemon!

Whenever traveling on your family adventure, ask older siblings to assist the younger ones when a Pokemon is “spotted” within zero to one paw print of distance on the “nearby Pokemon” pop up screen in the app. (If driving or bike riding, you’ll need to probably pull over and stop the car or bike to make it easier when wild Pokemon appear. Some Pokemon can be captured easily while still riding in the vehicle though as long as you tap it quick enough.) Have the child use their finger to turn the map until the Pokemon nearby shows up as a 3D icon on their map screen. Now quickly tap that Pokemon to engage in capturing it. The screen will now switch to camera mode and you’ll see the cute Pokemon in front of you inside your car, in the grass, on the sidewalk or bike trail right where you are. Here’s where the older siblings or parent can have some extra fun with the Pokemon Go App – get in the picture view and pose for a funny face or silly position to make a humorous or unique shot,  then take a screen shot within the app or on your phone or tablet. Now you can share your fun adventuring photos with friends and family on social media!

How To Have A Pokemon Go App

Be Your Child’s Hero

Parents, you can be heroes in this case if you go out of your way to help your kids visit these awesome Poke Stops while going on daily trips walking, bike riding or by car! Get out in that fresh air daily exercising and also have your kids thrilled with the bonuses they get along the way! Choose to visit your closest Poke Stop locations every day or as often as you can during the week. You could even save these ultra exciting events for weekend special adventures. Your children will go crazy for these visits! Trust me! Best hidden secret: by visiting these Poke Stops, you’ll be saving on your budget too! Your kids will be storing up these much needed items absolutely free instead of begging you to purchase them through the app with your real cash.
As a note of reference: each Poke Stop appears as little 3D icon on the map that will stand out as different than the flat surface areas. If you click on the icons while growing closer in proximity, it will reveal a picture and the company name, or name of the location to help pinpoint it more easily. Upon arrival to each Poke Stop, the Pokemon Go App gives you the opportunity to “spin” the circular Poke Stop picture and it will give you a variety of random free items inside tiny bubbles. Quickly click all the tiny bubbles and pop each one to claim these free goodies! 

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