How To Teach Your Teen To Be Defensive Drivers

Handing the keys to your teen and allowing them to drive is scary. You’re trusting them with so much! When it comes to driving—teach your teen to be defensive drivers.

What is a defensive driver? Keep reading to find out. When you break it down, defensive driving is driving to save your life and the lives of others. Others who are on the road don’t always have the lives of others on their mind. It’s up to you, as a seasoned drive, to teach your teen how to be a defensive driver. 

How To Teach Your Teen To Be Defensive Drivers

How To Teach Your Teen To Be Defensive Drivers

Take a certified course

If you are scared to death to teach your teen how to be a defensive driver, then you need them to take a certified course. Sign them up for a class with an instructor that can teach them exactly how to drive. Look at the reviews of the course and make sure it is someone who can teach teens to be defensive drivers.

Let your teen practice defensive driving

This is one area that this statement is true in. If you want your teen to be a defensive driver, then let them practice. You can put rules and regulations in place, but true defensive driving techniques come with experience. Let your teen practice to gain this experience.

Stress the importance of defensive driving

When a teen gets his or her license all they can think about is the freedom they now have. As a parent, it’s your job to make sure the teen understands the responsibility of driving. While the freedom is awesome, it also comes with a high price!

Pay attention to the road

This cannot be stressed enough when it comes to defensive driving. It’s not normally YOU that you need to watch out for, it’s others. Teach your teen to keep their eyes on the road, it could be the very thing that saves their life. You can’t stress this part of defensive driving enough.

Don’t depend on other drivers

This goes along with the paying attention to other driver’s “tip.” You simply can never depend on another driver to do the right thing. YOU have to know what’s going on around you, it truly could save your life and/or the life of your teen.

Now that you’re probably even more scared about sending your teen on the road, make sure you have a serious talk with them. Defensive driving is everything!

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