Hacks For Keeping Your Family Safe And Secure On The Internet

There are more hackers and people out to steal your family’s security than ever on the Internet. Whether your kids are playing on the computer or you are browsing your tablet, the Internet can be a scary place. In my opinion, it’s best to take care of your Internet security now, so you’re always safe. Internet security and identity theft are a real thing and it happens to millions of people every year. Here are some hacks for keeping your family safe and secure on the Internet.

Hacks For Keeping Your Family Safe And Secure On The Internet

Hacks For Keeping Your Family Safe And Secure On The Internet

Don’t Freely Give Out Your Information

This should be a well-known fact, but it still happens. Don’t ever give out your personal information or allow your kids to give out their personal information. With just the smallest amount of information, hackers can easily get into things like your bank account or even open up accounts in your name.

Know What’s Going on Out There

Don’t stay oblivious to the scams happening on the Internet. While you don’t need to know every little thing, it is important to stay up to date on some of the scams. Sadly, there are new scams every day, you would hurt your brain trying to know 100% of what’s going on out there all of the time.

Use the Best of the Best Cyber Security

Some people skip the cyber security thing because they don’t think that identity theft or hackers can really get to them. Think again. Whether it is through your WiFi connectivity or something else, hackers and thieves can find their way in if you’re not proactive.

ESET is the Best in Cyber Security

ESET has the capabilities to protect all of your computers and devices. Check out the following security devices available:

Whether you’re a busy parent who wants that extra security for the sake of your kids or you just want to protect your info all together, ESET is it! It has multi-device security system protection.

  • Phishing Attacks – designed to steal personal identity info when shopping online
  • Anti-Theft Tools – for lost or stolen devices to keep them safe, secure, and give you a fighting chance of recovering the device
  • App Permissions – product shows you in an easy to understand view, which app is tracking WHICH info on your device
  • Viruses and other “Bad Stuff” – protected during downloading apps, files, and images onto your devices

Parental Control for Windows, Mac, and Android devices

I love this side of ESET because naturally, I want to protect my kids as much as possible. Parental Controls from ESET will only show your kids the good side of the Internet. It will protect your little ones from bad content on the Internet. You can block websites, set up password protection, and allow your kids to download apps without the worry of them downloading harmful files.


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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with ESET and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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