How To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat

Trying to get your picky eater to eat is TOUGH. I have sat and cheered on my picky eater on so many times. I decided to sit down and brainstorm ways in which I could help my picky eater overcome, being a picky eater. My toddler is very strong willed in the eating department, but I’m not about to give up, just yet.


How To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat

Be patient with your picky eater

Yes, if you want to get your picky eater to eat, then you need to have lots and lots of patience. It’s no fun sitting there on edge, waiting for your toddler to eat something. One word of advice is to be VERY patient during this time in your child’s development.

Let your child explore food

One of the best things you can do for your picky eater is to let them explore food on their own. Picky eaters do not always do great when someone is telling them what to eat and when. Sometimes you just need to give them options and then let them decide what they want to eat.

How To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat

Be an encourager

A picky eater needs a lot of one thing: encouragement. They need you to tell them that they can do this. Tell them they are doing great. Tell your toddler that you are super proud of them. You can get your picky eater to eat by being an encouragement to them.

Keep serving your family meals

When it comes to dealing with a picky eater, you cannot always cater to them. Continue making meals that whole family will enjoy. Some people say that you prolong the picky eating stage if you cater specific meals to them. Serving your family meals that everyone will enjoy gives time for your picky eater to explore the foods. Catering to what they want could get them in the habit of demanding a particular food type from you.

How To Get Your Picky Eater To Eat

Stay strong

It is important to note that your picky eater will come around. While this is a painful stage, there are things you can do, like following these tips. Get support from other parents who also have picky eaters. Keep staples in your home When it comes to having a picky eater, there are things I keep in my home for this very reason. For example, Gerber® Lil’ Beanies is something we’ll always have in our kitchen. This food has saved me several times when I was in a picky-eater- pinch. Head to Walmart now to get your Gerber® Lil’ Beanies.

What tips do you have for parents of picky eaters?

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