How SAHMs Can Save Money For Christmas


Alright moms, are you ready for this post? Don’t shoot the messenger, but Christmas is right around the corner. I shop year long for the smaller stuff, things I know that they’ll still want or need. But I save up all year long too for the bigger things, things that they ask Santa for. So how SAHMs can save money for Christmas from their budgets? I’ll tell you how.How SAHMs Can Save Money For Christmas

How SAHMs Can Save Money For Christmas

Cash Back

When you are grocery shopping get cash back. Even just $10 a week when you get groceries can make a huge difference. Just be sure to put the money aside so you don’t accidently spend it. 

Save Your Change

Saving all of the change you receive really adds up. Learn tips on our post How I Paid For Our Wedding In Loose Change

Gift Cards

In a similar fashion to getting cash back, when you go to stores such as WalMart get a gift card to put towards your shopping.

Open a New Bank Account

I just did this one recently: each payday transfer money into a different account, an account that you can’t access from your debit card. I opened a completely separate account, the email money transfer minimum is $10. I’m not going to notice $10 out of our account each month, and it adds up in the new account and will make a dent in my shopping.

Pick Up A Job

Find a small, part-time job that you can do without impacting your family’s budget. Some examples would be freelance writing or babysitting. Put that money into a separate account for Christmas shopping.

How do you save for Christmas shopping?

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