Tips For Active Families

Just as I think life is about to slow down, it speeds back up. It’s safe to say that the older my kids get, the busier we get. There is just always something going on. These are my tips for active families that you can use to make your life that much easier, when you are on the go with your kiddos.

Tips for Active Families

Tips for Active Families

Take a deep breath

When it comes to being busy, nothing is more important than your sanity. If life gets too busy, maybe it’s time to take a step back and take a deep breath. There is never anything wrong with reevaluating your schedule and slowing things down a bit.

Communicate with your kids

I think when everyone in the family is busy, communication is harder. However, I have learned that communicating with my kids and letting them know “what is next” is super important. When they know what is coming around the corner, they are able to prepare for it a little better. Plus, I can’t get mad at them because I didn’t communicate. I can be happy knowing I told them what was coming and they can be happy because they had time to prepare for it.

Prepare the night before

The single best thing you can do when you are busy is prep the night before. Whether it is clothing, sports equipment, music equipment, snacks, or “whatever”—always get it ready the night before. The mornings are so much easier whenever you do a little prepping.

Tips for Active Families

Have the snacks ready

Moms, have the snacks ready when you’re always on the go. Going from place to place to place can be exhausting for the whole family. Make sure you prep snacks the night before (trust me, makes your life a whole lot easier). One snack that you can catch in my snack bag, while on the go, are Musselman’s Sours. My kids love these. My kids are in Taekwondo and 4H so it is something I can take on the go. 

Musselman’s has new, great-tasting sour apple sauce (available in Sour Lemon, Sour Raspberry, and Sour Cherry). Even my picky tween with autism loves the sours! If you can meet his taste requirements, you are a winner! They are GMO free and don’t contain high fructose corn syrup. They are in a convenient pouch and the Squeezables are also available in Strawberry, Honey Cinnamon and Unsweetened. Check out this coupon to grab yours! Available from many local grocery stores. Check out this video on Youtube and visit Musselman’s on Facebook!

I also like to pack other snack ideas like carrot sticks, grape tomatoes, apples, and I also remember to bring their water bottles. Kids need fuel and snacking is a great way to help them get the proper fuel, while on the go. And don’t forget that hangry moms don’t keep up well with busy kids.

What are your best tips for active families?

This post was sponsored by Musselman’s Sours and Markerly, all thoughts are my own.

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