Are You Dealing With A Stubborn Toddler? 5 Ways To End The Drama Now!

Are you parenting a stubborn toddler? I don’t know about you but when my toddler locks her heels down on an something it extremely hard to change her mind! Today I decided to share with you some of my favorite tips on dealing with a stubborn toddler. You can survive this difficult phase with a little smart parenting!

Are You Dealing With A Stubborn Toddler? 5 Ways To End The Drama Now!

Dealing With A Stubborn Toddler

When you are dealing with a stubborn toddler, it can make you feel helpless, angry, frustrated, and tired of pleading or negotiating with them. Before you know it you are both in a bad mood and yelling at someone who doesn’t even come up to your waist. 
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Make a Game

Say your stubborn toddler refuses to pick up their toys, and every time it becomes a battle of wills to see who win the toy wars! So instead of saying ‘time to pick up your toys’ you could say ‘I bet you can’t pick up all these toys in five minutes.’

The ‘clean up’ game works great if you purchase an old fashioned timer so they can see the time ticking away! By doing this, you have not only made a game out something every kid hates. But, you are also encouraging their self-esteem. I mean who doesn’t like to feel encouraged when they ‘win’ and receive a reward?

You can even make a little reward system for extra reinforcement. Giving your child something small like a sticker or a quarter for their ‘Mommy’s Helper Jar’ can help motivate him or her in the long run.

Use Positive Words

Being negative tends to cause your toddler to throw their defenses first thing! As a parent, we tend to say things like ‘We can’t leave till your shoes are on.’ Instead, you need to say something like ‘As soon as you get your shoes on we can go to the playground.’ Your toddler will feel encouraged to hurry so they can receive their reward.

Stay Calm

If you overreact or lose your cool, it will make the situation even harder. All your emotional response does is set you up for a no-win situation. Stubborn toddlers can hold out for an incredible amount of time. So keep your cool, encourage correct behavior, and be prepared to wait it out. 

Play ‘Helper’ Card

As toddlers start to try out some independence asking them to ‘help’ will motivate them. ‘Helping’ makes them feel grown up and more willing to cooperate with you. Try saying ‘Would you like to be my special helper today? You did so great last time you helped me…’ Soon they will feel like you gave them a new privilege instead of a chore.  

Tip: Remember to keep their ‘special’ job age appropriate so they will not get frustrated. 

Here are some great age related chores recommendations for you kiddo:

Offer Choices

My little ones love to pick out their clothes for the day. I prefer not to let them go willy nilly and pick out just any outfit for the day. So I will tend to pick out two options for them to choose from. And, we both stay happy that way. Too many choices just lead to upset toddlers who are going to use all their stubbornness to wear shorts in winter time! By limiting in advance, we all win, and it makes getting ready so much faster. 

Are you dealing with a stubborn toddler now or have in the past? What worked for you and your little one? Let me know in the comments below. 

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