How To Start A Bullet Journal

Recently I came across bullet journals online and thought I’d give it a go.  I’m a big list person but I’m really not all that great at drawing. Even though I’m not great at drawing, a few years ago I took a Graphic Facilitation course for work and was really surprised in what I could capture on paper. So, when bullet journals popped up in my radar, I figured I could at least give it a try. 

How To Start A Bullet Journal

How To Start A Bullet Journal

As I searched for the perfect bullet journal notebook in local stationary stores, I came up empty as I thought I had to have one with dots in it, again to make it perfect. I took a little time to reflect on my lack of purchase (and disappointment) and figured I’d just start with one of the many notebooks I already had a home. Let’s be honest, we all have notebooks around our houses that are unfilled. I have one that I write all my running mileage in, one that I write draft blog posts in when on the road and a few others kicking around.

I wanted everything perfect: the right book, the perfect pens, detailed and clean writing and fun doodles and drawings  at first. I quickly realised that it’s going to take some practice just like everything else and I just needed to get started, mistakes and all. It wasn’t always pretty but I was trying to do this for me, not anyone else.

So, I just started doodling and searched bullet journals online which gave me numerous resources and also made me think, how did I not come across this before now! I practiced some new ideas and then just dove in. My bullet journal is far from perfect or even share-worthy. I feel that I lack the confidence to share my mistakes or un-pretty journal displays….take a peak: 

How To Start A Bullet Journal

No it’s not pretty and yes I’ve taken a few pages to just practice different things which was fun to do! As I progress, I’m sure I’ll want to purchase a better notebook and maybe even different pens. For now, I’m keeping it basic until I’m more comfortable challenging myself. 

Where do I start?

You need to get a few basics: a journal (any journal will do); Colourful pens (any will do); Open and a creative mind (this can be aided by searching online); and a collection of ideas that you want to journal. You can also add sticky notes, coloured tape, a ruler for lines, maybe even stencils!

Topics to Journal

This list is endless and can be as brief or detailed as you want it, as it is YOUR bullet journal, not someone else’s. A few examples to put in your journal are: 

Calendar: monthly, yearly.

Daily Tasks: grocery lists, chores around the house, pick up/drop off times, appointments.

Weekly Planning: chores, appointments, meals, bills to pay.

Household projects: monthly, next year or in general.

Tracking workouts: daily tracking with bars or graphs as visuals.

Meal Planning: makes life easy, yes please.

Cleaning Schedule: I’m pretty confident, I need to do this one soon!

Birthday party ideas: date, locations, items to purchase, invitation list.

Monthly Tracker for Social Media: multiple accounts can be overwhelming sometimes.

A doodle page: practice different fonts, styles, or templates.

Index, Page Numbers and a Legend: stay organize or use to reference a page.

Sometimes I like to draft pages in pencil and use a ruler. This helps me lay out enough space before I commit to it in pen. Then I use my coloured pens to fully design the page. It’s a little more work and time but the result is better. The biggest piece to remember is that it’s your journal, nothing is right or wrong and if you having been thinking about starting one, just do it. What do you have to lose, other then a few pages in a notebook. It’s a great way to keep track of your ideas and thoughts instead of multiple pieces of paper that you might lose over time.

Do you bullet journal? Have you considered it?

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