Tips: Cleaning Your House (Most Missed Spots)

I try hard to keep my house clean with three kids, three cats, and a dog, it can be hard to keep up. I make sure to hit the important shots and then hope for the best most of the time, to be honest. Cleaning is never the priority. I make sure I clean these most missed spots at least twice a year. 

Tips: Cleaning Your House (Most Missed Spots)

Tips: Cleaning Your House (Most Missed Spots)

Window Frames

Have you ever really looked at your window frames? Tried to remove the screens and taken a look? It can be disgusting. Dead creepy crawlies, dirt that has blown up in the wind, all of that stuff gets trapped there. Some vinegar and water, and tough scrubbing can have your windows looking great again, and bug-free.

Fridge/Freezer Door Seals

This one always creeps up on me, just when I think my fridge is clean, I’ll notice just how gross the seal of the fridge is. You can gently pull it open to run a wet cloth along it. Again, I like vinegar and water, this way I’m not worried about harsh cleaners on food in the fridge.

Looking for more natural cleaning options? Here are some commercial natural options:


If you have a front loader, the seal on those can get really gross. Try to leave your washer door open to stop mold from growing, and check for hairs or lint that get trapped there. Grab a pair of rubber cleaning gloves if you’d like, no one is going to judge you!

Dishwasher Trap

Have you looked in your dishwasher, besides to get the dishes out? Cleaning your dishwasher is just as important, to me, as cleaning your fridge. Food gets caught in the trap at the bottom of your dishwasher, it’s going to affect the cleaning abilities of your dishwasher. The trap can be twisted and then should pop out, they, of course, can be difficult to get to being in the bottom of it. I also run a dishwasher cleaner through my dishwasher once a month because we have hard water.

Do you clean any of these places regularly? Leave me a comment!

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