Treating Anemia Naturally, Without Iron Pills

At 20 weeks pregnant with my 9th baby, I knew that something was wrong when sweeping my kitchen floor left me breathless and tired. I also noticed frequent heart palpitations, excessive fatigue, insane cravings for ice and a nagging case of the “blahs.” The second trimester is when I start to feel much better and have more energy, so I brought my concerns to the midwife right away. She told me that most women start out with a sufficient store of iron going into pregnancy, but that number can drop when blood volume begins to increase. The fact is, iron-deficiency anemia can strike both men and women at any time in life. The iron pills that are routinely prescribed may not always be the best solution. Iron pills can upset your stomach, cause constipation, and be harder to absorb. Are there easier and more natural ways to bring your iron levels up and start feeling better? Yes! Here’s what’s worked for me.

Treating Anemia Naturally, Without Iron Pills

Treating Anemia Naturally, Without Iron Pills

Unsulfured “Blackstrap” Molasses 

This is an inexpensive, time-tested and easy to take remedy for boosting iron naturally. Make sure you get this particular variety, though. There are actually three different grades to choose from. Blackstrap is not very sweet, but it is packed with vitamins and boasts the highest amount of iron per dose. I take 1 tablespoon each morning and chase with water. Some people like to mix it with decaffeinated coffee or tea. The flavor is very rich, with caramel tones, and some can even taste the iron in it. My personal favorite is pure, organic Plantation Blackstrap Molasses, which ship free from Amazon.

Treating Anemia Naturally, Without Iron Pills

As a bonus, molasses is also one of the cheaper options out there. But if you can’t get past the taste for some reason, I have another suggestion.


I was also anemic in the 3rd trimester of my last pregnancy several years ago. My provider suggested Floradix, a natural source of organic iron in liquid form. You take 10 ml twice a day, which equates to two tiny little medicine cups and delivers 15 mg of iron. Made in Bavaria, Floradix stands apart from other iron supplements. It includes herbs, fruit juices and Vitamins C and B to help combat fatigue as you build up iron. Of all the supplements I’ve taken, this one worked the fastest. My blood levels were up from 7 to 10 in just one week. It has a strong iron taste, but mixing with grape juice helps a lot. 

Treating Anemia Naturally, Without Iron Pills


If the idea of eating molasses or drinking Floradix doesn’t appeal to you, I have one more remedy! This one is in capsule form (but you can buy it as a liquid, if you like, and mix with a drink). Chlorophyll (sodium copper chlorophyllin) is extracted from alfalfa through natural processes and can help to fortify the blood.  

If you’re tired of struggling with anemia, and want some alternatives to synthetic pills, try a natural remedy.

However, I am not a health professional and would definitely you suggest you talk any treatment over with your provider. 

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