Indoor Winter Energy Busting Activities

Winter weather doesn’t entice me to want to go outside. And when my kids do go outside they aren’t out there long. It’s too cold to have fun and wear off much, if any winter energy. I try to get creative because my kids are driving me up the walls with their energy, but sometimes you just have to go back to the old faithful.

Indoor Winter Energy Busting Activities

Winter Energy Busting Activities


Not only does Twister get your kids moving, it’s fun, and funny! Everyone is going to be laughing, and hopefully getting along.

Build a Fort

This is fun, it gets the imagination going. It can take hours to build a fort. You aren’t going to need anything special, just some blankets, pillows, couch cushions, chairs, you know, your furniture.

Get in the Kitchen

My kids love getting in the kitchen and baking with us. If they get to eat it in the end it makes it that much better. My kids love making pizza the best I think. Making their own individual pizzas from the mixing to rolling and adding the toppings. It’s so much fun, and they are going to be very excited to eat what they made.


A plain balloon is super fun for kids, and I admit I can’t not hit one if it’s coming towards me. Add another level of fun and slip notes into them for fun actions – pop the balloon – act like a monkey or hop on one foot.  Winter energy is bursting as fast as the balloons!

Red Light, Green Light

If you don’t want your kids running around the house, give them specific actions for each round. You can have them sliding like a snake, crab walking, etc., full body movements, energy busting. You don’t have to be the red light, green light, depending on how many kids you have, let them have a turn to.

Freeze Dance

Moms get up and join your kids in a game of freeze dance. Turn the music up, and dance all the silliness out. It’s great for energetic kids and stressed out moms alike.

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