Tips For Including Music In Your Holiday Traditions

The holidays are finally here and it’s my favorite time of the year. One thing my family loves to do is listen to music. Every year, I try to include music into our holiday traditions. Here are some tips for including music in your holiday traditions.

Tips For Including Music In Your Holiday Traditions

Tips For Including Music In Your Holiday Traditions

Listen to music in the car

One of my kids’ favorite thing to do during the holiday season is listen to Christmas music in the car. Listening to music in the car gets us excited about the season ahead. During the holiday season, you will hear us singing at stop lights around town.

Make up your own holiday music

Another tradition my family has is creating our own holiday music. We draw inspiration from our favorite musicians and spend some time creating our own songs. It’s amazing how many songs we have developed over the years.

Go to local holiday concerts

Something that my kids and I have started doing over the years is going to local holiday concerns. It allows my kids to get a taste for music. I also love visiting my kids at their school and enjoying their holiday concerts.

Watching our favorite holiday movies

Many of the holiday movies that my family and I enjoy have singalongs in them. You will catch us watching movies and singing along to them this holiday season.

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