How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids


Who doesn’t want their child to have healthier habits? Sometimes I look at something my kid has done that is unhealthy and I shake my head. It is possible to create healthy habits for your kids and here is how.

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids

Washing hands is super important

If I am going to teach my kids one healthy habit, it is going to be to wash their hands. It is amazing how quickly kids can forget to wash their hands. I use fun products to help encourage them to wash their hands! I also ask them gently if they remembered to wash their hands, after they exit the bathroom or touch something gooey.

Model healthy habits

Creating healthy habits for your kids starts with you. If they see you completing healthy habits, they are going to want to do it too. Healthy habits start with mom and dad and then trickle to the kids. It can be hard to “be healthy” all of the time when your kids are watching, but it’s important.

Offering healthy foods

It makes more sense for your kids to learn to be healthy by eating healthy. In today’s society, it is so easy to find foods that are not good for you at all. However, by offering healthy foods, you are helping your child to learn healthy habits. Not to mention, healthy foods do so much more for a person than junk foods.

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids

Create a healthy routine

Honestly, kids learn best whenever they have a routine. By creating a healthy routine for your kids, you are helping them a ton. For example, brushing their teeth, washing their hands, eating healthier foods, you get the idea. Once they see that this is a way of life, creating those habits will be a lot easier for you and the kids.

Check out products from Firefly

My household has been using Firefly products for several years and it never gets old. They are a company that helps to create innovative products to help kids create healthier habits. Here is how they are helping our family stay healthy!

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids

Toothbrushes: My kids love the toothbrushes they offer! They always get to choose their favorite character and it makes the toothbrush battle nonexistent. Firefly’s toothbrushes are unique in the fact that they have light up timers, fun 3D caps, and protective brush heads and suction cups to keep brushes clean, which parents love! Their characters are awesome! Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, Secret Life of Pets and Finding Dory!

Have a Star Wars fan in your life? The Star Wars Lightsaber Toothbrush and the 3D Sculpted Handle Stormtrooper Toothbrush look like toys, which transforms brush time into play time. There are even five Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrushes with unique design and voice commands from Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Kylo Ren and Rey.

By using products from Firefly, you are promoting independence in your kids. Kids like doing things themselves. Using products from Firefly like, Firefly Fun Pump Rinses, helps kids do it themselves and they learn health independence early.

My favorite is the The Firefly Ready Go Toothbrush! It features a Traffic Light flashing timer to help kids know how long to brush. With the push of a button it flashes green when it’s go time, yellow when kids are almost done, and red when it’s time to stop.

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids

You and your child can create healthy habits together. The Brush Battle will be a thing of the past. A few tips to create healthy habits is to brush teeth together—let the whole family brush at the same time. Reward good health behavior, such as getting small prizes or doing a few extra minutes of an activity that they love!

Where do you find this awesome product?

It’s easy to find Firefly:

Firefly oral care products are available at major retailers across the country, including: Walmart, Target and Walgreens Firefly products range in price from approximately $2 to $5.

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