Spend More Time with Your Baby in 2017 & Less Time at the Store

How many of you have made new resolutions for this year? I have spent some time thinking about mine and there is one that I want to implement right away. How many trips have I already made to the store already this year? Most of the time, it is just to pick up one thing or another. Like many other moms, I want to spend as many waking moments with my children as possible. Here is how we can all spend more times with our babies in 2017 and less time at the store.

Spend More Time with Your Baby in 2017 & Less Time at the Store 

Make a list of everything you need

Make this a priority this year! I always forget stuff and have to make another trip another day, which ends up taking up even more of my time. This year, I am making it a goal to make a list and bring that list with me. I have found that emailing myself the list is a great solution to the problem.

Cut back on things you don’t need

Spending time shopping for things we do not need, cuts into time with my baby. This year, I plan on shopping for more things we need and less things we want. This will, without a doubt, help me to spend more time with my baby. I mean, how many pairs of pants does a baby need anyways?

Communicate with your spouse

This is a big one! When you communicate with your spouse, you are able to spend less time in the store. No one has time to run to the store a million times in a week, but it happens because we need stuff. Let’s say you spouse is on their way home from work, if you need something, have them pick it up! However, limit it to one emergency trip a week. Don’t get into the habit of sending your spouse to the store every single day.

Shop at Sam’s Club

Clearly, this is the most logical way to spend more time with your baby in 2017. Heading to Sam’s Club and picking up the 2-month’s supply of diapers (qty 312) has been a life-saver and a time saver. Think of the time and money you will save by doing this. Make it a priority in 2017! This may be one big pack of diapers, but it is totally worth it—when you think of the time and money you will be saving down the road. Plus, no emergency trips to the store for diapers.

My first time going into Sam’s Club to purchase our 2-month supply of diapers was awesome. I was able to easily find my way around the store and I had no issue purchasing them. If you are on the fence about Sam’s Club, as a parent, you will love the fact that they free shipping on select baby items, subscription, club pick-up.

Do you shop at Sam’s Club? 


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