How To Use Your Work Break To Fit In More Daily Activity

As the new year approaches, you may start to be thinking about those pesky New Year Resolutions that everyone will be making. Many of those will be around getting more fit, more active or getting a membership at the gym. It can be really hard to be active as a parent when you might work all day, shuffle your kids around to different sports or clubs, not to mention making meals and chores around the house. When do we have time to be active for ourselves? 

How To Use Your Work Break To Fit in More Daily Activity

There are so many benefits of being active. It can lower your risk of health diseases, lower your blood pressure, helps you cope with stress and the list goes on and on! If your not active now, when are you going to get active? When your kids grow up? When you retire? Well, if that’s the case I’m hoping you rethink that and start to move a little more each day. 

How To Use Your Work Break To Fit in More Daily Activity

One of the easiest ways, yes I said easy; to get active is by incorporating movement or activities into your daily routine. Finding 10 minute blocks throughout the day is so good for you. It’s even better then sitting all day long and then going for a run in the evening or fitness class. 

Sit Less

If you are in an office all day sitting and never get up, well your not doing yourself any favours. I’m guilty of this some days when I just want to get my work done so I skip a morning break or work through my lunch hour. Sitting all day long is not good for your health. We need to get up multiple times throughout the day and walk around. Try sitting less one day a week and see how you feel compared to the other days. Some offices might even have stand up desk options available for you.

Office Workout

When you take your 15 minute morning break, instead of getting coffee, do a little office workout. Do 10 push-ups against the wall, 10 squats, 10 lunges and 10 tricep dips from your desk. Repeat again if you’d like. If your office space is open and you don’t want to do this because you might feel embarrassed, try the boardroom or even the bathroom! 


Skip coffee break! Well, sometimes we do need our coffee, so instead of walking straight to the coffee shop, try walking around the block first. If that doesn’t work, try walking away from the coffee shop for 5 minutes and then walk back for another 5 minutes. You’ve just added 10 minutes of light to moderate activity into your daily routine. If you want to take it a step further, go for a 20-30 minute walk or run during your lunch break. You will feel energized for the whole afternoon, I guarantee!

Grab a work buddy

Last but not least, grab a buddy at work and get active together. If you both want to get a coffee, go for a walking meeting first to discuss something while you walk. Putting this daily or weekly walk into your day time planner or calendar will also make a difference. With it already scheduled, it’s harder to cancel. 

You don’t have to do all of these things but take one of them and try it for a week and see how you do. Maybe the following week, try another one and see if you are getting more daily activity in. 

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