5 FREE Pregnancy eBooks

If you or someone you know is pregnant, check out these great freebies! Right now on Amazon you can download these handy Pregnancy eBooks for FREE! These are a great way to learn about pregnancy, dramatic physical and emotional changes, major decisions, and much more. The prices can change at anytime, so if you are interested in any of these FREE eBooks don’t wait to download them! 

FREE The Simple A-Z of Pregnancy Tips and Tricks for Mothers and Mothers to be eBook

I strongly believe that an essential part of pregnancy, or at least definitely in your first pregnancy, is knowledge. Don’t be afraid to read up and watch anything and everything that you can get your hands on. I had DVDs of water births, natural births, breastfeeding guides, and various exercise during pregnancy programmes and, despite not having a birth that correlated with my birth plan, having watched/read/heard these guides really helped me. I found that not only did they give me an idea of what to expect but also (and perhaps, more importantly) they gave me an insight into the lingo, the procedures, the official terminology and enabled me to have more realistic ideas and hopes of how I wanted my labour to be.


FREE The Sperm Meets Egg Plan: Getting Pregnant Faste eBook

The Sperm Meets Egg Plan is a step-by-step guide to achieving pregnancy without taking invasive tests, charting temperatures, or making mistakes in predicting your ovulation that result in mistimed attempts at fertilization.

Designed by Deanna Roy after months of trying made her believe she had a fertility problem, the plan will help you time intercourse whether you have a typical or atypical cycle. It includes adjustments for common fertility problems, what to do if you are over forty, and considerations for trying again after a pregnancy loss.

This booklet includes 40 pages of instruction plus a 10-page sneak peek of Deanna’s book Baby Dust. It should be a free download.


FREE Women’s Health: 5 Simple Tips for Life, Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond eBook

In this book you’ll find an intro to the pelvic floor and its anatomy as well as 5 simple tips and lifestyle changes you can implement right now to start moving toward positive pelvic floor health. This book is great for women at any stage or walk of life, but especially helpful for pregnant mothers to be, postpartum moms and even those who are planning to get pregnant, as this beautiful time in your life can have a large impact on the health of your pelvic floor.


FREE Pregnancy: Getting Pregnant After 35 and Beyond eBook

Not everyone is ready to have a child right away in their 20s—or after getting married. That’s seriously okay. In fact, I believe that it’s better to have a child late because then, you’ll have enough time to carve a career for yourself, make friends, meet people, and most importantly, explore and get to know yourself. Because when you know yourself, you won’t get to project your frustrations on your kid—and you’ll have a happy, healthy relationship because of that.”

In this book you will find:

  • The reasons for late pregnancy
  • Increased trend for late pregnancy
  • Misconceptions about late pregnancy
  • Health issues regarding late pregnancy
  • Advantages and disadvantages of late pregnancy
  • Medical treatments to facilitate your late pregnancy
  • And much more!


FREE Epidural Without Guilt: Childbirth Without Pain eBook

Epidural Without Guilt is the only book that takes the fear and mystery out of pain relief for childbirth. In this groundbreaking work, Dr. Gilbert Grant analyzes the latest medical studies about epidurals and spinals, and presents them in a commonsense, reader-friendly format. Dr. Grant delivers a completely new way to look at epidurals. Instead of focusing only on the risks of getting an epidural, he discusses something few people ever consider: the risks of NOT getting one. Mothers-to-be and even health care professionals may be surprised to learn that epidurals can speed up labor, don’t increase the risk of cesarean, can reduce the likelihood of postpartum depression and can help with breast-feeding. In Epidural Without Guilt, Dr. Grant shares insights he has gained from caring for thousands of women giving birth over the past quarter-century, debunks the myths about epidurals and spinals, and explains how women can safely and comfortably enjoy the birth of their child.

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