Screen Free Time Ideas for Kids

The first week in May is Screen-Free Week, but maybe it’s something we should be doing more than just once a year. I know my kids seem to need that reset every so often, to remember just how amazing their imagination can be, to be reminded of all the awesome toys they have, and to just be kids and have fun. Here are some indoor and outdoor screen free time ideas for kids. 

Screen Free Time Ideas for Kids

Screen Free Time Ideas for Kids

Going screen-free for any period of time shouldn’t be “scary” or leave your pulling out your hair. Take this time to explore the world you live in, to use all those toys from birthdays and Christmas. 

Some Things to Do


Go for a walk

Go skating, rollerblading or biking

Garden – if the time of the year is right

Go on a scavenger hunt   


Play a board game, or play all the board games  – This one could easily be outside too on a nice day.

Do some baking or cooking

Create a Lego city

Arts and crafts

Make music 

Build a fort

Play with cardboard boxes – my kids will do this for hours – give them markers or crayons and watch their imagination take over

Teach your kids a new card game

Dig out the playdough toys, make some playdough, and have fun

Do a science experiment

You just might find that at the end of your allotted time that your kids, and yourself, may be more inclined to not watch tv as much but instead turn to all the fun that you had been having without. I don’t think kids need to be screen free all the time, because there are some really great things for them out there now, just remember how great things can be without screen time.

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