10 Outside Activities For Winter

Winter is my least favorite season with how cold it gets in the prairies, when the temperatures come up for any amount of time and we are able to get back outside, se like to make sure to make the most of it, who knows when it will be warm enough to play outside again.

10 Outside Activities For Winter

10 Outside Activities For Winter

Something Different

Just because you usually do it inside doesn’t mean that you can’t do it outside. Or in the winter.

Spray Paint

Buy some spray bottles from the local dollar store, fill with water and add a few drops of food color. You may not want your kids to have their best outside clothes on for this.

Paint Snow

Grab some paint brushes, grab some containers of tempera paint, and use all the white snow as blank canvases.


There are some igloo making “kits” out there that include block shapers for making the blocks of your igloo or you can make your own using a milk carton with one side cut off.

Ice Blocks

 Use either regular sized or larger ice cube trays, freeze colorful water – freezer or outside. Your kids can use these just like regular building blocks only outside. The snow can help lock the blocks together like glue or mortar.


If the temperatures are low enough blowing bubbles will freeze them. Just make sure that they don’t spill any on themselves.

Traditional Winter Fun

Don’t forget about all the those fun things we used to to do outside when we were kids. Simple can often be better.


Making a family of snowmen, or maybe have a fun snowman building contest.

Snowball Fight

Perhaps make some rules before starting a snowball fight. Once things get going your kids might be hard to slow down or stop for a rule change.

Snow Ball Target Practice

Instead of throwing those snowballs at other people, how about setting up a target? No one’s going to get hurt this way. Simply paint a target on a piece of wood and put it somewhere – on the ground against a tree, or up in a tree. Add some more targets around the yard for added fun and added targets. 


Find a hill, and it doesn’t have to be big for kids to have fun, just big enough to slide down. You can find crazy carpets at most dollar stores, or take a page from my kids book and just slide down on bums or bellies.


This is our family’s favorite winter past time. Something that we all do together, and we all enjoy it. A lot of communities have outdoor rinks, or their rinks have family days.

How do you enjoy winter time?

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