The Best Places For Selling Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

It’s that time of year when homeschooling parents start to drool over next year’s curriculum, but sometimes before you can buy, you have to sell! We’ve been homeschooling for three years, and my first problem with selling curriculum we’ve already used is that I really want to keep some of it for our library! However, I have had some experience and a few successes. Hint: forget yard sales!

The Best Places For Selling Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

The Best Places For Selling Your Used Homeschool Curriculum

Sell Used Curriculum on Ebay

My own history on ebay is a sad tale of items bought that didn’t turn out to be what I wanted. When I tried to resell, I listed and resisted with no success. However, my sister-in-law has had her best successes with resale on ebay. She advises being very detailed in your descriptions. If there is a crease on the cover or a stray crayon mark, mention it. She also recommends selling in lots rather than individual items. I think experience is key. Knowing the right keywords to use is essential, so shop around and familiarize yourself with what is out there.

Sell Used Curriculum on Amazon

I’ve had slightly better luck with Amazon. My items have sold, though profits have been marginal. Professional sellers on Amazon can undercut you every time. However, I often figure it’s worth a shot/better than nothing, which is what I was getting on ebay. Amazon makes it easy to find and compare the same book sold by various sellers. They also tell you what the lowest current price is when you list yours. I think that if you are selling books used in a common curriculum like Sonlight, there might be enough turnover to make a little money.

Sell Used Curriculum on Craigslist

I have not personally sold home school books on Craigslist, though I have had quite a few other successful sales and purchases through it. I just ran a search and there wasn’t much available in my rural area. Bigger cities had more offerings.

Sell Used Curriculum in Facebook Groups

There are Facebook groups for selling specific curriculums. There are also groups specific to area. I’ve bought and sold a few things this way and would say it’s probably my second favorite. Smaller, more targeted groups make it easier to get your books in front of the right people.

Sell Used Curriculum at Curriculum Sales

And this is my favorite! I just have much better luck and less headache selling in person. Last year, I took a stack of books to a curriculum sale and made about $30. It wasn’t a ton of money, but it wasn’t a ton of books, and it came with other perks. Sellers got into the sale first. It’s fun to be around lots of other homeschoolers. I only had to make one trip to put all of my inventory in front of an interested audience. All in all, it was a great experience.

I’d love to hear about any one else’s successful curriculum sales!

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