7 Gardening Tips for Busy Mothers

7 Gardening Tips for Busy Mothers

7 Gardening Tips for Busy Mothers: How do I find time to garden with 8 children? The answer is, I don’t. Well, not that much. Over the years I’ve found some ways to keep a few things growing in addition to all the other things on my plate. If you’re busy to, or think it’s near impossible to grow stuff with young children in tow, these tips are for you.

Involve the children: When I have a big project to tackle, like weeding an entire flower bed, I will involve the children since it’s going to take a while. I give easy little jobs like “go dig in that dirt over there” or “put all these weeds in a pile.” When they get restless, I ask them to see if they can find worms or bugs in the ground. When all else fails, give ’em a popsicle!

Choose perennials: That feeling you get in the spring when you look out the window and you’re garden is already growing? Priceless! I love planting things that come up year after year because it saves time and money. 

Downsize: A large garden plot can be overwhelming. Do pots on the patio instead. Or try a few small raised beds. I think you’ll be much happier with one small knock-out flower bed in your yard rather than four big ones that aren’t getting the attention they need.

Try living mulches: They easily fill a bed with greenery and/or color, and will help keep weeds away. Creeping Thyme, Periwinkle and Sweet Woodruff are a few easy-to-grow covers.

Look at the map: I know it’s not always going to be your favorite variety, but choosing plants that are hardy in your area will save you SO much time and wasted money. These are plants you don’t have to “baby” so you’ll have less that die and need replacing.

Keep an eye on it: Out of sight, out of mind. The huge vegetable garden way out in the back never got as much attention as the herb patch right outside my kitchen door. Keep plots and plants close to home and you’ll be more likely to stay on top of them.

Plant climbers: Pole beans and sugar snap peas are reliable growers, and you can save space by training them to climb up a pole, trellis or fence. They are easier to pick this way, too, saving your back! 

Are you a busy parent, too? What’s worked best for your garden? We hope you enjoyed 7 Gardening Tips for Busy Mothers.

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