Yurt Adventure

For the past several months, my husband and I have been considering living in a yurt with our family; having a Yurt Adventure. Every time we try to figure out a housing solution that will really work for us, we come back to the yurt because we would be able to buy it outright, building rooms inside as we can afford to. Debt freedom within our grasp!

We are not quite minimalists, but we do favor experiences over things as a rule, so this year for his birthday, we spent the night in a yurt. It did not disappoint!

Yurt Adventure

Getting to the Yurt is Half the Fun

The yurt was less than an hour from our house, if you don’t count the long drive through the woods from the owner’s house! There was over a foot of snow, nicely plowed, but still a little dicey to travel over in our two-wheel drive Pathfinder. Studded tires helped! The remote location made it feel all the more adventurous.

Staying in a Tent in Winter

For a February night in New Hampshire, it was not that cold outside…but it was still a February night in New Hampshire. Were we really warm enough? I was too warm at some points! That is, until the fire went out in the middle of the night. That is a skill we will have to perfect if we do make the move yurtward.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

The detail that really made this exciting to me was that we would be totally off grid. The natural light from the acrylic dome in the roof was amazing, but as 5 pm approached, it got darker and darker. My husband whipped out his lumenoodles, battery powered strands of light that are water proof and really quite bright. That and a few candles made us cozy and comfortable, though I wished I prepared supper before dark hit. No light makes for a true Yurt Adventure.

Cooking in the Yurt

This yurt was equipped with a two-burner propane stove, a grill, and a fire pit. We cooked our supper in the fire pit and day-dreamed about being able to do this every night. I made supper on the stove. In our own yurt, we would definitely want our woodstove to be a small cookstove, but all in all, the cooking facilities were quite adequate. With no running water, cleaning up was another story. To save on the clean water, we melted snow to rinse the dishes really well first. That is not a method I would want to use every day!

Nature Calls – Just another Yurt Adventure

When I booked the yurt, I saw that many reviewers mentioned the “cute” outhouse. The owner practically giggled when she showed it to us. I don’t know about “cute”, but it was perfectly nice, clean and not smelly (but this was winter.) We’re on the fence about how we would handle the potty situation in our yurt. I say the simpler the better.

Planning Party

Inspired by our surroundings, we spent the next morning drawing up floor plans for our own yurt and came up with something we’re quite happy with. What do you think?

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